Spa Treatments

Thermal water and mature mud:
The beneficial gifts of the Nature

Abano and Montegrotto Spas are the largest spa basin in Europe and our hotel is built on the ancient Roman Spas to remind our guests of the thousand-year-old tradition of our hyperthermal salt-bromine-iodine water which springs out from under the ground at about 78° C with its therapeutic properties.

 Thanks to the exposition to sun and air, thermal water causes the maturation of mud and makes it an efficient treatment with therapeutic, pain-killing, anti-inflammatory and regenerating properties that were awarded by the European patent.

The maturation process takes place in special tanks located in our Spa Centre and lasts about 4 months. During that period, mud is in constant contact with thermal water which flows at temperatures between 35° and 38° C.

A natural therapy

Our organic thermal mature mud is like a medicinal drug but better because it has no side effects that can be potentially harmful. It is a natural therapy and, carried out daily, can stimulate the body to react from a metabolic point of view while enhancing its self-healing capacities.

Our spa centre, supplied by our own springs, got the “1st Superqualification level by the Health Minister, the award recognizes the strict procedure we apply in using water and the respect we have for natural resources.

Anti-inflammatory active ingredients in the Euganean thermal mud

" European Patent No. 1571203 protects and guarantees the presence of numerous active ingredients in thermal mud, naturally produced during the maturing process when implemented correctly. The scientific research carried out by the Centro Studi Termali Pietro d’Abano (Thermal Research Centre), the patent holder, has identified them and demonstrated their effectiveness in the treatment of chronic degenerative and inflammatory diseases, particularly of osteo-articular origin”.


  • Osteoarthritis and similar
  • Osteoporosis
  • Periarthritis
  • Rheumatoid arthritis in latent phase,
  • Discopathy
  • Spondylitis and spondyloarthritis
  • Extra-articular rheumatisms
  • Fibromyalgia
  • Tendinitis and lumbago of rheumatic origin

Thermal Cave:

enjoy the benefits of thermal steam in our cave. It has a humid microclimate with a temperature between 38-40° c. It’s a useful completion of spa treatments, due to its activating effect on the circulation and the detoxifying and firming action on the whole organism.

Mud therapy session

The mud therapy session is taken every morning, without having breakfast, in the treatment centre on the ground floor. The therapist will apply the mud at a temperature between 38° and 42° C on your back, neck, shoulders, joints, arms and hands.

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Thermal bath

The cabin is also equipped with a bathtub filled with thermal water where you will immerge yourself to complete the thermal therapy. This treatment lasts about 10 minutes.

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Therapeutic massage

We recommend that you complete your mud therapy with a total body massage to regenerate and remove contractures; indeed, the therapist will be able to work on your muscles more intensely and give you more benefits as your muscles have been relaxed by the mud treatment.

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Respiratory diseases

Inhalation therapies

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