Take deep relaxing breaths in the greenery

The Hotel Terme Neroniane is immersed in the triumph of nature, a blaze of trees, plants and flowers, making it a real paradise where the soul and spirit abandon themselves easily.

It is well known that “green” has a therapeutic and relaxing effect on our body; in our park, from the moment you pass the entrance gates, you will perceive a deep and intimate sensation of wellbeing. The bloomy flower beds, the century-old plants, the game of colours and scents favour and lead to relaxation: have a walk or let yourself sink into a conformable armchair … be the owner of your time: that is the real luxury of modern times.

 The Neroniane Hotel park invites you to intimacy and reflection while you will be filled with the delicate scent of roses and the magic of nature.

The small Church and the Spring

2 historical jewels decorate our park: the consecrated church dating back to the 1800’s where St. Leopoldo held mass and the historical spring of thermal water.

New - Spring Garden

Discover the new Spring Garden, which surrounds the historic Source of Health oasis of greenery conceived by our garden designers for your relax. Here you can read a good book, rest immersed in the tranquillity on soft designer chairs, or enjoy a drink at dusk, discovering the evocative setting of the light installations, accompanied by soft music ...