Mud therapy session

The mud therapy session is taken every morning, without having breakfast, in the treatment centre on the ground floor. The therapist will apply the mud at a temperature between 38° and 42° C on your back, neck, shoulders, joints, arms and hands.

Then you will be covered to maintain the temperature of the mud and that helps release the active ingredients it contains and you will take advantage of the thermal therapy. Usually a session lasts 15 minutes. During this time, the therapist will return and check everything is going properly. Then you will take a shower with thermal water to remove the mud residuals.

Thermal bath

The cabin is also equipped with a bathtub filled with thermal water where you will immerge yourself to complete the thermal therapy. This treatment lasts about 10 minutes. The thermal water is at about 36 °C and it is usually added with ozone.

Once you come out from the bathtub, the therapist will help to get you dried. Wear your bathrobe and go back to your room or rest in the swimming-pool area as your body has to release the excess heat.

Therapeutic massage

We recommend that you complete your mud therapy with a total body massage to regenerate and remove contractures; indeed, the therapist will be able to work on your muscles more intensely and give you more benefits as your muscles have been relaxed by the mud treatment.