Wider and more spectacular: it’s the new, spacious indoor pool. It has plenty of sparkling hydromassage jets integrated in benches, barrels, sunbeds as well as revitalizing and relaxing microjets along its border. While you are immersed in the natural light of an exclusive and unique environment, thermal water and warmth will give you physical relaxation, reduce muscle tension and stimulate your immune system.

An environment inspired by Nature where volumes, materials and colours, soft and relaxing, will involve your senses and give you a unique experience.

Thermal Water, Heat and Relaxation.

THERMAL WATER, our most precious resource, is a source of wellbeing and relaxation. At the Terme Neroniane Hotel, water is the element that symbolically joins all spaces.

The new indoor pool is inserted in a unique and precious context to help collect your thoughts, warm your soul and diffuse energy and wellbeing.

Silence is Harmony and Music

Our themed relaxation oases are the ideal place to relax, read and dream. Colours, lights, scents and decorative elements are studied to create small wellbeing oases.

Porch swings, soft seats, deck chairs, cushions and fabric were selected to provide a deep relaxation feeling and an inner sensation of wellbeing.

Choose the environment you prefer:

in front of the fireplace sitting on the swing or softly laying as in your living room, it’s the ideal place to read or sip some tea;

get some relaxation in the silent room, watching the relaxing view over the greenery of our Hills surrounded by nature in the soft seats.

All senses are involved in getting the relaxation necessary to achieve your getting fit programme at the Terme Neroniane Hotel.

Aromi Bistrot


A dream: the new Aromi-Bistrot at the Terme Neroniane Hotel!

From 10.00 a.m. to 7 p.m., we will delight you with snacks and fantastic drinks. If you feel like having a delicious snack, you will choose among vegetable or fruit juices and, obviously, refined cocktails.

The environment has a contemporary and glamorous design and it’s perfect to taste a snack or a delicacy made by our Chef; alternatively, in the evening, you can sip a sparkling aperitif while watching the colours of the sunset, when the sun slowly sets down on the sweet slopes of the Euganean Hills.